The Biologics line is an all-natural organic blend of ingredients that heal wounds fast and controls topical fungal and bacterial diseases. We provide a one-of-a-kind all-natural product that can be trusted to use on all domestic animals. When using our products, we want our customers to have the piece of mind that what they are putting on their animals is safe and free of harmful matter. These products are trusted by many veterinarians to heals wounds faster and better than any other product. Our formula is not only designed to reduce scaring and inflammation, but also promotes the regeneration and rehabilitation of cell tissue which encourages rapid healing of the wounds. Know you are using the best thing for your animal when you use any of our BIOGEL, BIOWASH, or BIOOPTIC products.


BIOGEL is a soothing, grease-less therapeutic gel made from a unique blend of organic ingredients that have been veterinary tested and recommended. Veterinarian studies confirm that wounds showed excellent healing speed and BIOGEL promoted the formation of healthy wound beds that persist without bandaging. Test cases demonstrated successful healing with minimal scarring and the natural re-growth of hair. Used for the treatment of small scratches and hot spots on dogs to large severe wounds, BIOGEL is an ideal therapy for all animals. BIOGEL controls infection, reduces inflammation and desensitizes a wound area significantly increasing an animal’s comfort. BIOGEL contains no antibiotics or steroids and is ideally suited for all animals.

BioGel 16 oz Spray

BioGel 8 oz Spray

BioGel 1.6 oz Gel

BioGel 4 oz Gel

BioGel 8 oz Gel



BIOWASH is an all-natural everyday medicated wash that stops fungal dermatitis and keeps the animals coat in top condition. Ideal use on horses, livestock, dogs and cats. BIOWASH may be used for both curative and preventative conditions. Clinically tested and recommended by Veterinarians, this all-natural ingredient based topical wash is the preferred choice to many trainers and performance horse owners. This is the only wash that is clinically tested and proven to effectively control many forms of topical dermatitis including girth itch, rain rot, ringworm and is non-allergenic for sensitive skins. This wash will help eliminate dry or flakey skin on your horse while also conditioning the coat and getting it whiter and brighter leaving it with a show condition shine.

BioWash Gallon

BioWash 32 oz

BioWash Spray



BIOOPTIC is for the treatment of acute or chronic eye irritation in animals associated with bacteria or yeast infections susceptible to polyherbal treatment. At the heart of this formation is a unique blend of 100% organic herbs and minerals that have proven effective in controlling infections and help to repair damaged tissue from injuries. Anjon’s unique blending process creates highly effective antibacterial and antifungal treatments for animals. They are safe to use without risk of antibiotic resistance buildup and offers the highest level of animal safety.

BioOpic 3.5 oz Spray


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